You absorb up to 64% of what you put on your skin, make sure you know what is in your products!


What do people see when they talk to you?  Your eyes, your lips.  The lips become the focus as you speak.  How do you keep them amazing (even you men!  imagine trying to start up a conversation, or leaning in to kiss a woman and she sees your cracked, dry, flaky lips!)?


First step is to regularly exfoliate.  You can use Body Scrub if you are gentle, leave it on for a little while and let the sugar do its work.  The product is so safe it is edible, so no worries if a little gets in your mouth (besides the fact that it tastes amazing.  However we are not recommending it be eaten!).  Or use a washcloth and gently rub it back and forth to remove dead skin (don't forget the corners of your mouth).

Use a balm or Lip Butter at night.  When you sleep, you will most likely breathe through your mouth for part or all of the night.  This can really dry out your lips.  Keeping it well moisturized during this time will go a long way to keeping your lips in good condition throughout the rest of the day, whether you wear product or not.  This one change has kept me from having chapped lips for over 5 years.

Use sunscreen on your lips during the day.  The skin here is very thin and can't protect itself.  Sunscreen will prevent further aging and line development.  If using lipstick or gloss, this can be a one step process.  And since your lips are a smooth canvas, you won't have any trouble with application.

If you want to "plump" your lips, Cinnamon Oil can be added to our Lip Butter.  It smells, tastes, and feels amazing!  The Butter can be used alone, under your color, or on top of the color for shine. 

Let us know if you have questions or want to customize a product for your special needs.




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